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Kyou Kara Shimobe [English], by Naruko Hanaharu

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Just finished creampying. Oh, hentai.

Damn, that Naruko Hanaharu, drawing female faces like that. Under such eyes, how could anyone not pop a boner ?

First the male hero has sex with his sexfriend. But then his childhood friend imposes herself, and “at last”, their misunderstanding is cleared (thanks to sexfriend-chan) and they can become lovers. Me, I won’t complain, two girls instead of one, woot ! ^^

Graphically, to hell with censorship, this is Naruko Hanaharu ! Enjoy ! :D
And thanks a lot to Bluewingz and Palaxius, from Life4Kaoru :)

(Remember to view the list of Naruko Hanaharu’s works on Hentairules)

One thing, though… Can’t they just shut the fuck up and fuck, without mentioning every two speech bubbles “oh look at that, you premature ejaculator, you filled me with yet another liter of sperm, I’m so going to become pregnant”, for heaven’s sake ?!? :wall:

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The ending is just kinky…


This looks good & I might download it for the artwork alone, but I find so much talk of pregnancy to be a turn off. Anybody else?


Oliver your feelings on the dialogue in this h-manga are much like my own when it comes to porn in general. But most especially bad porn movies where the girl is always talking and the dude's response is always "yeah, uha baby" And all I'm thinking is Jesus Kitten Shitting Christ, Shut The Fuck Up!!!

That aside this was still quite enjoyable and my thanks for the upload, will use the DF link.


LOL! Funny, sexy, good feelings and a little foreshadowed kinky thrown in at the end. Just excellent, Oliver! Oh, and I don't let the preggo talk bother me, guys. It's just how certain mangakas drive home the nakadashi aspect of it, the whole 'honor' bestowed on the MC by being invited to go bareback and have a big finish inside. Thanks for this really good share,Oliver!


So romantic. Many thanx Oliver. Great post.


Wish it would have had a scene of all three of them doing it, and then the childhood friend would allow him to impregnate sex-friend-chan~!


actually its… Blue-Wingz (or at least that's how he always puts it)


frickin perfection

Escorts Townsville

I love the hentai videos from my teenage… LOL


Sequel (containing threesome) Needed … In Fact, DEMANDED !!!!! xD