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With A Married Woman [English, 226 pictures], by Tohzai

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A married woman begging for a cock into her adulterous vagina

And this share is my favorite of the day :)

Graphically, we’re almost in the “OH MY GOD !” realm. The women (and the men, too) have very realistic traits, their bodies are detailed and splendid, with really low censorship. Greatness lies in hundreds of details, like the hair curls (symbols of freedom), the eyes, the lingerie… And so we can see a young widow, a neglected housewife, highschool girls, having great happy sex with mutual liking, with relatively plain story lines…

This isn’t as god-tier as Nadenade Shikoshiko, but, still, this is some really GREAT hentai, I hope you’ll enjoy this read :)
And credits are for Tadanohito, and his kind donators. Thank you so much !

For plenty more, why don’t you see The list of Tohzai’s works on Hentairules :)

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(120 MB, 226 pictures, English)

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:D TY!


Amazing share .
On a totally different note , far less healtier , I have found the complete version of this manga , pag e . On the white butterflies site /

Oliver AKA The Admin

Yeah, I gave up on that one, so much piss fetish, and I think there was too much underage girls too. A pity, the drawings were quality. But, heh, I guess piss fetischists are in heaven, they too deserve quality art ^^


Awesome share, art and writing is great. Not a lot of married women tho. Just the three chapters with the housewife and florist, everything else was adultery free, so even the "I only like vanilla!!" fans can enjoy most of this. THX


It's funny, in the preview you say we're almost in the "Oh my God" realm. Yet that was the first thing that came out of my mouth when I saw that pic.

Thanks for the share.


Question… was the guy and gal in the next to last chapter (the childhood fighting friends) were they supposed to look like Lad Russo and Chane Laforet…

Either that or its just me.



I'm very curious with their relationship.

Thank You very much!


"Florist-san" gets three … count 'em … THREE chapters.

Lucky Bastard. B)


another godly work as always :D

thanks again Oliver!!


i just want to say Thanks Oliver again :D

i have been fapping to this artist for weeks now, definitely slowly becoming one of my favorite artists ever ^^


Florist part, nothing was resolved… Yes they banged like bunnies but it doesn't well it felt bittersweet yet.
It's just a mixed baggage of emotions if I were to rate that it be 6/10
Art is good
Story wise is meh