Mushabiru Learning (“Let’s Study Penis”) [English], by Shimaji

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 5 comments
And now they'll also become honor students at having sex :3

A female honor invites another hard-working male classmate to her room. For “studying”. Yeah, right. Okay, they’re both excited as monkeys and secretly resent the pressure of being good kids supposed to ignore sexuality, so you know what follows :)

No complications, a nice female body and good sex despite the censorship, my only regret was that the girl didn’t keep her braids :3

Thanks to Cgrascal for this release !
The scans were horrible, I strongly retouched them. See a before / after comparison… It was a bit destructive this time, I hope you’ll still prefer the retouched version.

By Shimaji (circle Shimajiya), I also share Kotori Dream, Fan Kansha Dai Ya Yo, Rijin Trouble (Neighbor Trouble), PanKore, Change Watashi Ga Mesu Ni Naru Koku, Hatsukoi, Nyan Nyan Idol and Oshiete Nyan Nyan.

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Well, ….. THAT escalated quickly enough. ;)


Not to be stereotypical, but ….. it's always the quiet ones (fu-fu-fu) xD


I am really surprised that the story is authentically vanilla. Usually Shimaji (also know as Canabis) brings to the readers NTR/yaoi/rape/mindbreak/rage stories.


very nice retouch of the original oliver, it looks much better!

Oliver AKA The Admin

Wheee, thanks ^_^