Sarashi Ai [English, 202 pictures, Tank version], by ShindoL, is now fully UNCENSORED !

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 9 comments

ShindoL, AKA ShindoEru : turning super promising porn into crappy disappointments. But, boy, this is hardcore.

Yeaaaaaaaah. Suuuper. I’m so glad. Awesome.
… oh well.

Ladies and gentlemen, art lovers or hysterical masturbators (or both), here is something you’ll probably like, the FULLY UNCENSORED version of ShindoL’s Sarashi Ai manga, tankoubon version. Thanks to Doppelganger, who decensored it :)
Previously, the tankoubon version was censored, while there was a magazine version, with poorer images and printing, that was two thirds uncensored.
From now on, the best version got the best treatment, the full tank is uncensored.

So, if you like, sure, have a leech ! :)
Sarashi Ai, now fully uncensored, is available HERE :)

As for me, thinking back, I’m terribly disappointed in how mangas by ShindoL go bad. There’s only one chapter that I truly and deeply LOVE inside this manga : Barrier Free. This chapter’s presence alone is enough to make the whole manga worth having on my disk.

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10 years ago

I agree completly with Oliver about Barrier Free.

Barrier Free is what makes this volume. One of my all time favorite one shots that's ever been done. While I got a good laugh at the main story, Barrier Free makes you think as well as appreciate what you do have in a lot of ways. It's one of the few stories in ero-manga that I've ever got my wife to read and she liked it as much as I did. Another one of ShindoL's stories had the same effect, Single Nabe x Double Nabe. That one is highly recommend also.

10 years ago
Reply to  loplop


10 years ago

To be honest, I had read 'Barrier Free' as a stand-alone somewhere… and I remember doing a double take over who created it. It was so unlike his other works… it truly stands alone, it's just an amazing and touching piece of storytelling. I wish Shindol would do that in all his work. Thanks for the share, Oliver!

10 years ago

actually, the credits are as follows….

Sarashi Ai ZERO (Brolen)(decen by Nightscream)
Sarashi Ai – 1 (Desudesu)(decen by Nightscream)
Barrier Free (Desudesu)(decen by Accelerant Blue)
Sarashi Ai – 2 (Brolen)(decen by Tecnproy)
The President Student Council Is Loved (Brolen)(decen by Rupty
Sarashi Ai – 3 (Brolen)(decen by doppelgänger)
Sara Ai – 4 (Brolen)(decen by doppelgänger)
Sarashi Ai Gaiden ~ Porn is Literature! (Brolen)


Oliver AKA The Admin
10 years ago
Reply to  2Hip

Oh…. wow O_o

10 years ago

I actually really like the first chapter of "Sarashi Ai," before it went all whacko on me. Has a sweet kinda "innocent perversion" feel to it.

The rest of that story, mind, was just getting sprayed with literal s@#$.

10 years ago
Reply to  SpectralTime

The main story is backshit crazy yes , but the three girls are doing it of their own volition . Unlike many if not all of Shindol work , the girls are not forced/drugged/coerced into it , it's one of the rare occurrence when Shindol use genuine "perversion" as material for hardcore crazy sex . Compare that with tsf monogatari or is (sick) work in the Da hootch thing .

someone passing by
someone passing by
10 years ago

The President Student Council Is Loved + Barrier Free part are from the magazine scans, and part of Sarashi Ai chapters are also from old magazine scans, so it's not a 100% tank version, not even close ot it actuaally… Very disappointed by the title of this post, but still, thanks for the share, I think.

10 years ago

i wonder how many time's i have seen this work??

thanks again as always Oliver!!!