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Love Peak [English, Re-Edited version], by Hamao

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A cute teen having the perfect first time with the adult she loves. Yum !

This is cute. Nice. Harcore. Very cute. Very intense. Very funny. And, wait, did I also mention how cute it was ? :D

A still candid girl (apparently candid, it never goes beyond the “apparently”, in hentai) is in love with her father’s young employee. And – I know that will come as a shocking surprise, brace yourselves – she discovers this love is mutual. The rest is happy sex with love.
This is a first time, but – unsurprisingly – the girl is already as erotic as a twelve-pack of real life girls of her age, the part where she’s taking off her clothes was superbly arousing, and her face, her face !! :twisted:

(… And the last page… LOL !)
This was translated by Ventorez, re-edited properly by Anti-Aging Anon, and publicized by YQII, thank you so much, guys =)

By the same artist, I also share Ticket To Ride, Shirotsumekusa No Koibumi, Candy Drop, Ookami-san To Hitsuji-san, Satisfaction, Lilith, Sister Typhoon, Sunshine Next Door, and A Kiss on The Scarlet Rose.
Save for Ticket To Ride and Shirotsumekusa No Koibumi, those works are also available as a huge pack.

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(11 MB, 16 pictures, English)

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pretty good. And the ending was funny, but kinda predictable.


Oooh, finally. I emailed you about this one ages ago! Still a lot of censorship though, someone should uncensor this.


How can one uncensor something he can't see the original of…?


How do the people who uncensor stuff do it? Are there like always 2 versions, and we never get to see the uncensored ones?


…They redraw it based on the parts around it. Therefore, if you can't see the parts around it, you can't redraw it.

Name one time you've ever seen a lightsaber or white blob get decensored without the tankōbon‎ version first coming out, with a lot less censorship. (Which is gradually starting to NOT be the case lately.)