How about brand new Gallery and Zip links in EVERY YAMATOGAWA SHARE ? :)

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 1 comment
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Yesterday, as I was fixing some Yamatogawa stuff, I realized there were lots of old, dead, abandoned links, some pages were not updated with links to new improved versions, the Yamatogawa Redirection page was left abandoned (here… nah ¬_¬).

Well, to hell with that, I took 90 minutes and fixed everything.
The Redirection Page is sparkling new. As is the Total Pack.

On top of all, EVERY manga by Yamatogawa has been updated.
I made sure these were the “officially best” versions, uncensored, best tank scans, no mistake this time.
Only working Zip links.
And my new gallery system, that I like a whole lot (isn’t that a great improvement, frankly ? :) )

Direct links, incomiiiiiiiing ! –>

Aqua BlessWitchcraft : Tank version, and Magazine version

Power PlayTaihen Yoku DekimashitaTayu-Tayu

Plus the two short ones : Tadaima Pool Seisouchu and Canvas

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10 years ago

how bout torrents? these huge packs give some "trouble" when you try to donwload them at 0.100 Mb's