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Flower Of The Hot Spring [English], by Tatsu Tairagi

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If there was no censorship in that one, I'd fap my dick so hard it would bleed

WareWare, an independant hentai translator, is a Tatsu Tairagi specialist, and I definitely can’t complain :twisted:

Here is Flower Of The Hot Spring, a simple and yet SO intense onsen sex scene, with a humunculus flavour (the bursting emotion, the teary eyes, the hyper-lusty body *argl*). There is also a vanilla-like ending, although it will send chills down most men’s spine (Ackbar style, hu hu hu, you’ll understand when you get there).
There was so much sexual intensity, I’m sure it should please almost everyone, thanks a lot, WareWare ! :)

By the same artist, I also share Love Test, Afterschool Medley, Teach me! TRIANGLE and Rainy Memories.

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(20 MB, 18 pictures, English)

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The tank by this artist (when it comes forth) will no doubt be filled to the brim with one Lucky Bastard after another. As well as oodles of Sweet Vanilla. And the numbers in the Parthenon of Vanilla Gods hath increased.

P.S. there had better be one (or more) continuations to "Afterschool Medley", or else ….. it could get momentarily ugly.

Can I get an "A-MEN"? ^_^

Oliver AKA The Admin




I had the same Humunculus feeling when I read this. It's been a while since we've seen anything major from him also.


Perhaps we're experiencing the "calm before the storm" – wink-wink, nudge-nudge, etc. ;)


>I enjoyed that one immensely, I'm gradually ranking Tatsu Tairagi closer and closer to the Great Hentai Artists category =)

>Categories : English Translated, Great Artists, Original Manga


Oliver AKA The Admin

Larger than that. My personal ranking of the greater than great.


Then you should make a "Greater than Great Artists" category too!


So romantic. Many thanx Oliver.


The details, the shading, just nice, well executed artwork. And the story? DELICIOUS! A really touching and cute story, even with the… ending! Thanks for this share, I couldn't D/L it fast enough!