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Whimsical Princess [English], by Rakko

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A hot manga blonde having hardcore well-drawn bareback sex :)d

This is a “relatively” short story (51 pages, like two chapters long), a very old work by the hentai artist Rakko. I don’t know where it is from, but we have to take it as a complete story, I don’t believe there will be a continuation. And, true, the story starts big (an oddball runaway princess meets childhood “friends”), until it resumes the hentai routine (sex, sex, at last sex). Well, at least, there were some feels to grab, besides the porn ^^

Regarding the porn, it shows that this is an early work by Rakko, but still, as Desu wrote, “dem nipples tho” ! :D There is nice vaginal sex, hot girls when they’re naked and standing, and that’s that. Thanks a lot to Desu, Flammz and Donkey_Kong for this nice release :)

Oh, one thing made me laugh hard : the princess is super tall, the male hero is almost a midget, and yet, they successfully have standing doggystyle sex : HOW ?!? :lol:

For more goodness, please cf. the list of ALL Rakko’s works on Hentairules!

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Can the relatively reasonable censorship be used as evidence that the scan is from a tank rather than a mag?

Oliver AKA The Admin

Not sure. Old publications had smaller censorship, overall.


This is chapter 7-8 of Muri Kuri.
One More Lesson Haruka-sensei is chapter 6 and Yuuwaku Sandwich is chapter 1.


Thanks for the info


Very Nice, a Rakko that I hadn't seen before. Thanks to DesuDesu and Oliver for posting it up.


The (a-hem) "disproportionate anatomy" was a bit of a turn-off, but otherwise, it's a likeable tale.