The Lewd Scent In The Car [English], by Chiyou Yoyuchi

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 6 comments
That one didn't infuriate me. Directly into the FACEPALM basket.

The art is just GREAT (aaah, the dirty intensity, coming from the face of a supposedly candid girl giving in to desire !) The censorship is just BIG. The scenario is just a bit FACEPALM.

And THANKS to Flammz and Desu for this release :)
I apologize, I had forgotten to commemorate caplock day, it was one week ago : SORRY \o/

A bit more seriously now, sigh. A father prostitutes his daughter to pay back a debt, but the girl doesn’t hate being seen by the father, while she loses all dignity to the dicks of customers.
I didn’t like it, but, hey, if you dig it, please, enjoy :)

Side note : I lost count of the number of fucked up stories based on the fucked up Japanese principle that debts are everlasting and transmitted even to unwilling persons. Jebus, can’t the Japanese really refuse to inherit a debt, or file for personal bankrupcy, something like that ?!?

UPDATE : good news, this post has become obsolete. This share is now part of a complete manga, called Midare Hajimeta Karada, and it is available HERE :)

Just saying, at first, I thought I’d start my blog post with a parody of a quotation :
– Quick, call me a cab !
– Okay, you’re a whore !

… but then, I thought that there was a risk nobody would get the joke. Guys, if I say «– Quick ! Call me a cab ! – Okay, you’re a cab !», who knew what it was from without a Google search ? :)

… Also, the thought just struck me. Can you imagine the face of the following customer, when he finds a car reeking of sex, and with sperm and love juices splattered everywhere ? :D

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10 years ago

I saw this a couple of days ago when it was released & it left a bad taste in my mouth even with hentai logic. A shame really, it had fairly good character designs in it.

10 years ago

Art isn't enough. Dad as pimp stories leave me cold, and I'll pass.

Oliver AKA The Admin
10 years ago
Reply to  widowchaser

Would you have disgusted by a certain share in which I called to simply napalm-bomb a whole village, perhaps ? ;)

10 years ago

LOL! OK, you can either go for the Napalm for quantity, or grab a baseball bat and get in that personal touch. Your choice, Oliver! :)

10 years ago

I missed that one it looks ;)

But yeah, Japan is very much a clan society, the family IS rersponsible for the deeds of the individual… plus remember most debt collection is in the yand of VERY unpleasant types (yep, yaks).

10 years ago

The tags always crack me up Xd