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A quick question, to clarify a doubt ?

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Hi everyone :)

Only two shares today, I didn’t see time fly. I’m always running after time, more than ever, this year 2013 hasn’t been easy. I’m making this an opportunity to ask for a helpful clarification, if you don’t mind ?

I know there is a Shiwasu No Okina release that I forgot to share at the time of its release, that is “Aibuka! Club Activities as an Idol”, chapter 2. I don’t remember the specific details, but I wasn’t available at the time of its release, and, then, well, time piled up ^^ I’m planning to add it to the next version of my total Shiwasu No Okina TOTAL pack, and share it as a standalone share when the chapter 3 of this series comes.

However, I have this irritating impression, as if there is a memory on the tip of my tongue, something about another English-translated Shiwasu No Okina release that I also forgot, that is neither in my total pack nor in a single share. That’s making me postpone a new version of my total pack.

Would I be just hallucinating, or is there, actually, something else that I left behind ? Another translation ? Another decensoring ?
Thanks if a kind soul can tell :)

Hello! This post is getting on years, so here's a friendly mention... If all the links are dead, you may try using
to grab the file you want. You can just pick the stuff you need, it's quick and easy :)

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There are a couple I haven't seen on this site, Hokeniin Survival and You're My Idol, though I assumed that you passed those up deliberately since they only feature lolis.


Oliver put them in Total pack only. Quote: "no standalone share, I didn’t like that one and have no plan to offer it more exposure than needed"

Oliver AKA The Admin

Thanks Qickly :)


The most recent shares from Shiwasu no Okina I've seen are the two [email protected] CINDERELLA GIRLS : Perverted body measurement and sex check up. They were both released and are available from Team Vanilla. Hope that helps!


Sorry for the double post. Just wanted to add that the first part was released by Team Vanilla in July (release #653) and the last just last week (release #692). Also, they were tagged as loli.

Oliver AKA The Admin

Thanks, but I'm already sharing these ;)


There are two version of "Aibuka! Club Activities as an Idol" chapter 1.
The first is TLLP version and the second is Afro + EHCOVE version.
Link: (TLLP) (Afro + EHCOVE)

Hope that helps :)


wasn't there a oneshot called "Boyfriend Girlfriend Boyfriend"? Highschool girl becomes sex-friend with her 2 childhood friends despite the fact she has a boyfriend. Got that from afro scans


ah sorry I see u posted that


LWB posted a short Idolmaster doujin called This kind of job exists too.

Oliver AKA The Admin

Thanks, however that one has become the first part of


there was a second chapter to the idol highschool story

its kinda interesting that shiwasu no okina is obsesed with idols

Oliver AKA The Admin

Yep, that's the one I mentioned in the present post, telling I thought there was another missing thing :D


I think you're right. Unfortunatly I don't have time this morning to point out what's missing in your shares. So I'm just gonna share my list of Shiwasu No Okina works that I have gathered so far (A big thanks to you for the most part by the way):
Get or Die
Kairaku Yarou G Team (Shiwasu No Okina) – Choukami Gakkou Hakuou [sfighter]
Shining Musume In A House of Vice 1-3
Battery 2
Custom Shiwasu
Dai Joubu (Who is the Bigman)
Gyakuten Denchi
Love December Girl
Mattari Capcom
Sei So Tsui Dan Sha
Shining Musume 1 – First Shining
Shining Musume 2 – Second Paradise
Shining Musume 3 – Third Go Ahead
Shining Musume 4 – Number Four
Shining Musume 5 – Five Sense of Love
Shining Musume 6 – Rainbow Six
Shining Musume 7 – In a House of Vice
Shining Musume Side Story 2
Sho-Hou-Sen Bonus track KUSAMA-Shiki kun no baai
Takehara Style 2
The Musume Sex Building
Ui wa Dekiteoru nou hon (K-ON) – Brolen & FC
Wagakakarinihonjin – Shiawase Kibunde Komoe S
Aibuka ! Club Activities As An Idol c1
Blindfold Game
Camii Dock
DOA, Erobare 360 Doubutsu-sha
GTT Ganshago Tea Time
Haruyokoi 1-5
heisei sexual education reform 03
JC Ecchi
K-On Bo Chou Eroi Hon Ga Dekimashita
My Wife Is A High School Girl
Original Work – Heisei Sexual Education Reform – Part 1
Original Work – Heisei Sexual Education Reform – Part 2
Peace Hame! Ge Tokusei Shousasshi
Perverted Body Measurement And Sex Check-up
Pisu Hame (is everything translated?)
The Day Before The Saint Cherry Blossom Festival
Triple H
Tsuika Oppai x2 to Anatasia
Utage No Mannaka
Yuu Can Do It
Girlfriend Boyfriend Girlfriend
Shiwasu No Okina.01
Shiwasu No Okina.02
Shiwasu No Okina.03
Shiwasu No Okina.04
Shiwasu No Okina.05

Oliver AKA The Admin

Argh. I give up on making comparisons, it seems it even has doubles or Japanese versions ^^;;


One last thing: Some of them are still untranslated works…


Another last thing: I still think I miss a few myself ^^


in your complete pack list, i don't see the last doujinshi from C84 "Tsuika Oppai x 2 to Anatasia". it has been translated and uncensored

Oliver AKA The Admin

Yep it's already present, and gladly :D


Does your total pack already include Belldandy's decensored version of Perverted body measurement and sex check up? As standalone post, you only posted the awfully censored version, I think.

face_contre_table: I'm pretty sure he posted that one.

Oliver AKA The Admin

Right on Jacob, I was missing that one !

Thank you very much :)