Lord Of Futanarion [English], by Jam Kingdom

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 2 comments
Tags: elf, futanari

Happily mating and marrying futanari elves. My brain exploded.

Futanari elven princesses. This is more than my brain can process. But I’ll reckon the art was very good and the story (love, extreme erotic tension and a good ending, the idea of futanari bridal training and mating ritual) was, well… highly creative :D

Credits are for HPL, Flammz, and Desu, thanks guys ^^;;

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10 years ago

I clicked on this on this based on the rating (">4.2? *shrugs* good enough for me") and then I see Jam Kingdom… O.ô that guy did some pretty kinky hentai, I'm opening this with mild caution/anticipation now ^^

But hey, they're just fantasies, there are no taboos of the mind

10 years ago

Hmmm…. I can fap to this. Repeatedly!

Thanks for the great share, Oliver! As always, I'm that much more grateful for your futanari shares, as I know you don't like futa yourself. And anything with elves and such is cool, too.