Gyouretsu No Dekiru Youkai Shoudanjo [English], by Saimon

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 4 comments
Pro : a hot teenage girl has good sex. Con : not with humans, but with youkai. Will you still like it ? ^^;;

The heroine, a highschooler, can see supernatural creatures invisible to the rest of us. And these creatures are tormented by a sexual desire that can only be quelled by someone who sees them. Good thing the heroine is a kind girl.
And so, happy groupsex with mutual respect follows. Oral, vaginal, nothing too odd – if you exclude the fact the male protagonists are youkai, huhu. (More seriously, be careful, if that theme still bothers you after years with Black Dog shares on HentaiRules, just skip this share, guys !)

The ending was… unexpected lol, I didn’t see that coming, it was fun ! :lol:

This has been released by Biri, proofread by Afro Thunda, and commissioned by ZeBon20 (that sounds like a french joke for “The Bon Vin”, “Le Good Wine”, hmm…), thank you very much :)

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10 years ago

Doesn't the girl's face remind you a bit of Udon-Ya?
If some passerby saw her, he'd see her floating in the air…..Also, indeed, that ending!

10 years ago

Thought exactly the same thing! It did remind Udon-Ya…

10 years ago

From a particular viewpoint, this might also count as a "harem" scenario. :|

9 years ago

another ace in the hole :)

thanks again Oliver!!