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The UnBEARable Heaviness Of Being [English], by Kudou Hisashi

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Fear not ladies, Pandaman has come to the rescue. If you're hot, all will be OK.

Meet Pandaman, defender of justice, as long as it implies defending sexy women ! The male hero sure didn’t regret (?) turning from a fatty to a superhero, hu, hu, hu.
This was, simply, HILARIOUS :D

Stupid and funny dialogues (occasionally reminding me of Onepunch Man), crazy characters, a storyline flying high above the boundaries of common sense, a few rare h pictures (to which it would be seriously hard to fap, but no doubt some people will manage to rub one over it nonetheless), a mad scientist with an afro… and that’s not all there is. I loved that share a whole lot ! :lol:
Credits for this superbly funny nonensical piece are for Rinruririn, Nor, Mumei, X0-1 and Altereggo, from LittleWhiteButterflies, domo arigato ^_^

Side note, once you’ve finished reading it : don’t you find there’s a similarity with Devi Navi, at some point ? :mrgreen:

(No “real” preview pics, sorry but I didn’t want to throw spoilers)

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Here comes the zip link ! Help yourselves ! ^^
(8 MB, 21 pictures, English)

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And Now For Something Different, The Larch . . . .

Sorry, Monty Python references was all I could think of after reading this.


You've just inspired a new tag xD xD xD


What the flying koala just happened ?


haha great share, thanks!
The mad professor can only be a reference to Desty Nova (or more like Super Nova) from Battle Angel Alita: Last Order – which made it even funnier. :D