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Landlady Dutch Wife [English], by Eba

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Behold, breasts, in all their glory. Let's unzip, brothers !

A landlady visits the apartment of a man who’s late on his rent, and discovers he spent all his money on a dutch wife imitating her appearance. She accidentally breaks the doll : so, she dresses as it to replace it, and when the tenant comes back… Sex !
Thanks to KirbyDances, KnightKeb, Meth, So Plump, Eggo, from Little White Butterflies, for this release :)

I have strongly mixed feelings towards this one. The story is funny, the female heroine makes funny faces and is an adorable idiot. But, on the other hand, she is an idiot, she accepts to cheat on her husband for bad reasons, and her male partner is a tiny douchebag who – still – hasn’t paid his rent. If you’re the kind of person who takes the scenario seriously, watch out.
Graphically, the girl had a good-looking horny face, with big breasts moving splendidly, however the white hole censorship was brutal, to say the least O_o

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One of my favorite artist, pretty shitty story. This has been a recent trend of EBA, hope he starts making decent ones again.


The art is top-notch (even with the abhorrent censorship), but the premise is… at least the art is good.


Not going to DL this one. Besides having a poor, idiotic story, it's cheating. The censorship was just the final nail. Thanks for your hard work, Oliver, but I'll move along to a better share posted here.

NTR lover
NTR lover

Only in the hentai world could something like this happen. Otherwise the main male in this would have gotten charged with rape.

But on another note the censorship to this was overkill.

The Pirate King
The Pirate King

I tend to take life advice only from hentai.

Mr. Doe
Mr. Doe



Only in hentai.