HELP ! Who can identify this manga… Oh wait, YOU can ! WE can ;-)

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 1 comment
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Dear hentai lovers, I created a new Page on hentairules, the Identification page !

See the top of the site, the horizontal menu bar. On the right of the glossary, there’s a new link, “Identify“.

On this page, you can ask for help when you try to remember how a manga you’re searching for is called. You write a comment with as much information as you can, and, hopefully, somebody will respond with the name you seek, or maybe some clues that could help.

It’s been so long I’ve been receiving frequent h-manga identification requests, I should have thought of it sooner. Especially considering my reply, most of the time, is “Errr, I’m sorry, but I have no clue what manga you’re thinking about. Duh. Sorry !“. And every time I write such a pointless reply, I think it’s a pity I can’t forward those questions to everyone on the site, to allow other persons to help and respond if they can.

Yep, this is NOT from me to everyone, BUT from everyone, to everyone. So please, on the occasion, visit the Identification page, maybe you can help other fellow hentaiers, that would be quite cool of you :)

(PS : I’m totally open for improvement suggestions. And, yes, I’ll also visit the page on a frequent basis ^^)

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10 years ago

Thanks, it is nice. Glad this idea has emerged, pretty sure it will have some success ^^