Kabegoshi Ni Koi [English], by Ei Itou

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 2 comments

Might it be the very first time I shared some glory hole hentai ? I think yes ! :D

“Because hentai”, a girl has to share her male childhood friend’s bedroom, walls are added to give them privacy. Sure, she’s bossy, authoritative, full of hersef, but she’s cute and sexy, so that forgives everything, doesn’t it ? (*cough*) And so, obviously, the tsundere girl ends up having sex.

First, though a glory hole, handjobs, oral sex. Lastly, after the tsun girl carelessly knocked with bare hands a hole large enough for her butt (me : é_è ?!?) and she passed her legs though the wall, standing doggystyle.
The drawings were kinda nice (not Itou Ei’s best, but plenty good already), the setup was fun and original, I don’t regret reading it ^^

This was brought to us by Biribiri and ZeBon20, thank you very much :)
By the same artist (I usually write Ei Itou, but I’m afraid I was supposed to call him, in reverse, actually, Itou Ei, which leaves gigantic room for confusion with the name of Itou Eight, another different artist), I also share three tanks. Princess Propose (235 pictures, now uncensored), Onee-san Ja Dame Kashira (219 pictures) and Anata Wo Sutte Mo Iidesuka (256 pictures, it bites !), plus a shorter work, Milk-Doll Ojou-sama.

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10 years ago

I'm glad to see that I wasn't the only one who though Ei Itou's drawings were off this time around.

10 years ago

Page 18 – insert your choice of sound effect from whatever source as the original hole in the wall is (a-hem) made bigger. :p