Chikan Tousui [English], by Massaratou

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 2 comments
This share is a good illustration of WHY Japan is so fucked up. But it's hyperfappable nonetheless.

Actually, this manga shows why Japan is fucked up.
We witness a strong dichotomy, between what is natural, and what is right. The heroine is a good girl in all regards, with her family, with school, and with her sensuality. That’s right, she loves feeling sexual pleasure, she’s been pleasing herself a lot, and she recently discovered the caresses of strangers on the train.

But in Chikan Tousui, “obviously : because Japan”, the girl sees her arousal as a bad, bad thing, even though she can’t resist. And so, the men treat her like a cum dump. And as for her, instead of simply enjoying what’s to enjoy, and remaining in control, she willingly lets things get worse for her, just like the men find it natural to disrespect her. It could have been “gentle” train sex, it ends bad.
And this is fucking stupid.

So… would I recommend this share ? The drawings are surprisingly GOOD, and with little censorship. And the story is only annoying if (a) you like vanilla and (b) you’re an annoying person who, like me, always splits hair. So, it’s up to you ! ^^
This was translated by Desu, and commissioned by SpeedPunk, thank you very much :)

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10 years ago

Am I the only one that thinks her panties from page 23 must have been a very tight fit? lol

10 years ago

Loved the art on this one, but the story really breaks the deal for me.