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A friendly push for an AWESOME game : Creeper World 3 !

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I want to recommend you guys an AWESOME videogame called Creeper World 3 :
it is HIGHLY addictive, with hundreds of hours of gameplay, racking my brain to find how to effin’ survive the difficult maps, or how to make it to the top 100 worldwide highscores, sweating buckets when I’m on a mission with a limited time to achieve victory
– there is a nice scenario (knowledge of the first and second Creeper World games is required to fully enjoy the scenario, though)
– the game is a genius mix of strategy, real time action, and physics
– indie game developers deserve more support than EA Games ^^

You can try the demo, and if you want to buy it, it’s only between 10.99$ and 14.99$ (depending on where you buy it, resellers or official site). Which is bargain as far as I am concerned, for a game on which I spent over 150 hours myself ^^

Lastly… HEY STEAM MEMBERS ! Could you upvote this game in the Steam Greenlight program, so that Creeper World 3 becomes offered within Steam, and thus gains much superior exposure ? That would be SO kind of you :)
The game is almost there, a few more vote, maybe yours, may make the difference !

And I’ll play the Canadian to conclude, sorry for the useless post if you don’t like strategy games ;)

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DONE >> upvote this game in the Steam Greenlight

Oliver AKA The Admin

Thank you =)


Good idea arthur, I also upvoted it, thanks.


You will like AI War Fleet Command as well. They are very nice indie games. Upvoted in Steam Greenlight.


Reminds me of a Tower Defense type of game, with graphics from Dune 2, in the good sense.


You must have nailed the Canadian conclusion because it just seemed normal to me.
Source: is a Canadian

Oliver AKA The Admin

How can you even answer to my comment, aren't you supposed to fight polar bears with your bare frozen hands, right now ?!? O_o