Answers Checking [English], by BoBoBo, has been DECENSORED ! :)

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 2 comments
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Yeah, it's still better like that ^^

The good news on the decensoring hentai front are piling up, this time this is Answers Checking, a funny story by BoBoBo (absolutely unfappable for me, I’m not into BBW girls, but quite funny nonetheless ^^), that has been decensored by a kind person called J.B.Random ! :woot:

This one deserves serious props, it’s the first time this person decensored a hentai manga, and OH BOY, the quality of the results ! Besides, this wasn’t about simply removing thin black lines and extending/completing rare missing lines (the sad limit of my ability T_T), or about redrawing bits of genitalia. This one required massive redrawing, and it was skillfully done, wow :shock: (The method used for this, resorting to 3D models, also struck me, cf. the bottom of my post for details).
So, really, THANK YOU J.B.Random ! ^_^

Rather than make a new sharing post, I prefered to update the already existing post (it had plenty of links pointing to it on my blog, I was too lazy to update them ^^;;). So…
Answers Checking, now Uncensored, is here :)

(Just mentioning, I had made a Crazy Censorship Contest using one of this manga’s pictures ^^)

I found the decensoring method used by J.B.Random quite FASCINATING. I’ll quote you a few lines written by him, he used 3D modelling ! :shock:
«(…) my Photoshop skills mostly come from creating avatars and textures for 3D models, also from googling for tips (…)
To be honest, surfaces’ patterns and shades were the easiest part for me, the most difficult were the fundamentals, drawing outlines representing shapes (those light sabers leave you with almost nothing).
When outlines are done, patterns and shades just arise around them naturally. It also took a lot of time to complete initial preparations before I even was able to touch the first page. I actually 3D-modelled and rigged “samples” so I can take a peek on those from different angles as a paradigm =). In some instances those helped, in some instances they were kinda not as useful as I thought they will be at all. Page 11 is basically a reworked Print Screen from 3D put on the page. On page 15 the model helped greatly as well, also I had to redraw all the lines by hand. In other instances making comparisons with other less censored works by Bobobo to get the overall point proved to be a superior technique, so I stuck to that. Oh, liquids were a real pain to draw as well.
Fascinating, this is SO different from decensoring as I have known it so far ! O_o And as long as it works, I’m cool :D

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Is this like next level decensoring?


This is awesome. Many thanx Oliver and J.B.Random.