Oh! Imoto [English, 207 pictures], by Haru Wamusato, is now UNCENSORED !

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 8 comments
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On the one hand, I regret sisters like that don't exist IRL. On the other hand, I think it's really for the best sisters like that don't exist IRL :D

Good news from the hentai decensoring front, yet another cool manga has been fully decensored ^_^
This is Oh Imoto a half sister-wincest manga, half mixed random stories collection :)

The art quality varies greatly (frankly, other mangas by Haru Wamusato like Sankakukan or Shinkon Shimai look much better, they were probably drawn later), but overall this is still very good wincest time, with a pleasant humorous carefree spirit, and highly spirited girls :)

Oh! Imoto, now Uncensored, is available HERE !
And this is thanks to Zee, from Z-hentai, and Doppleganger :)

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Oh Imoto was my introdcution to Wamusato a long time ago. It's nice to go back and revisit it after a long time. Thanks to Zee and Doppleganger for the work and Thanks Oliver for bring it to our attention.


Same here, I still have all the stuff by him, although I must say, Tropical Mother Daughter Mix ending so suddenly was a bit disappointing, then again he did bounce back immensely with Shock NTR and Mom and Gyaru.

I noticed Wamusato is suddenly developing an interest in tanned girls, as if the opposite tanned male in Tropical Mother Daughter Mix… If his next work is about tanned girls again, I'll take it as a confirmation, not that I mind of course.


Ah, news for Oliver!
I was curious about any new works by Wamusato, and found out that there's an extra final chapter to the Tropical Mother Daughter Mix. Overall, muuuch better ending to what we were initially given/thought was the ending!
I found it on Fakku, but I'm sure you're find it from your own source.
Also, sent you an e-mail not too long ago about another manga, hope it peaks your interest.

Oliver AKA The Admin

Woops, that's true, there IS that chapter. I completely forgot about it O_o


An early favorite of mine. Just such a happy story! Those big eyes, among other big things, make his Imoto irresistable. Now sans censors, FTW. Great share Oliver!


Oliver when do you think we will see an English translation of the new Black Dog piece from C85?


When someone actually translates it?


thanks for the work as always Oliver!!