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Shitsuke No Jikan [English], by Sugaishi

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AND NOW YOU EJACULATE YOU MAGGOT ! Why won't any woman femdom me, too ? ^^

An annoying young noble man behaves like a spoiled brat, until, at last, a maid (with parental blessing) stands in his way and teaches him to behave.
Yes, you guessed right, obviously, that means he’ll be granted the first sex of his life, at the hands of a maid knowing her job well, and going, basically “STFU and let me please you, oh, why don’t you try to resist a few more minutes, you maggot, HO HO HO”. I guess we can call it very, very light femdom ^^

The ending of this story was interesting. There was a bit of drama, and the awkward note sounded like an open ending, enough to let me imagine a good continuation…

This was originally translated by CGrascal, then reedited to fix grammatical errors by Kerrian.

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One the one hand, THIS is perhaps a super-effective way to discipline an otherwise "spoiled brat".

On the other hand, ….. "THIS IS DISCIPLINE?" o.0


whats up with that ending? and what did she do, run into the door?


Hypothetically (yes – even us lovers of h-porn know the meaning of the word), either her "disciplinary action" has not only (a-hem) "straightened out" the young master, but she's now fallen for his sincerity, OR it's merely a "moe/cute maid" thing, which someday the rest of us will one day understand.




Is this artist the same person as maniac street?