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Love Blooms At The Secret Hot Spring [English], by Tomohiro Kai

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If I were to trust Japanese hentai mangas, I'd imagine the only thing ever happening in onsens is ping-pong games and outdoor sex ^^;;

A young man meets again the girl who had a highschool crush on him. They grew into fine adults, her as an onsen hostess, him as an accountant. And you already know what’s following :D

Despite the massive whiteout censorship that could ruin many readers’ pleasure, this one pleased me a whole lot. Happy sex with love, a curvy woman accepting gladly her fated partner, and an ending that I did see coming and that I was expecting… That remarkably suited my tastes, let’s say ^^

I hope you may enjoy it too, guys ! Credits are for Amaimono, CellTF and Brokenlegs, from AmaiLittleThing, thank you very much ! :)

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I really liked this one when I saw it a day or so ago. Very nicely drawn and I have a thing for childhood friend stories.


Page 20 – A Mother (or perhaps one should say, a mother-in-law-to-be) Knows :o. Nonethless, great one there.


That is one scary mother in law face on page 20…


It essentially says: "You'll take responsibility, right? ….." without openly detailing the consequences of failure or neglect to do so :o.

Stalker Fairy
Stalker Fairy

The Ackbar thing kinda caught me off-guard until I saw the end >_>



thanks again as always Oliver-san!


MILF MILF indeed :D

Thanks as always Oliver-san!