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Togawa [English, strongly retouched], by E-Musu Aki

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That girl was super funny, AND HER ASS, RHA !

What the heck did I just read ?!? :D :mrgreen: :lol:

The heroine of Togawa is a disturbingly perverted highschool girl, who finds at last the proper target, two schoolmates she identifies as gay.
Will she convert them to heterosexuality ? As she said : « I like you boys too !! I’m emotionally gay !! » :lol:
(And me, I’m a lesbian. Yeah : I love women.)

The sex was fine, her braids were cute and her butt highly deserved the two cocks it welcomed warlmy. But, on top of all, I want to praise this share because of the faces the girl is doing. Shy, cute, manipulative, crazy, obsessed… that was BRILLIANT, lol !
That was released by Cgrascal, thank you ! :)

I made relatively heavy retouching on that one, see this before / after comparison. However, to be frank, I wonder if I didn’t go overboard, it shows especially on that picture : before / after.

By E-Musu Aki, I also share Let’s Make Love Girl (203 pictures, great drawings and stories), Mononoke Acme (208 pictures), Young Wife Liberation Zone (196 pictures, hot drawings, annoying stories), Torokeru Asobi (“Melty Play”) (223 pictures, mostly great stuff), An Immoral Sister, Virgin Alliance, Love Hip + Shiina’s Favoritism, and Melty Body (200 pictures, a tiny little bit less excellent excellent art, but more interesting stories).

Open the Complete Pictures Gallery
Look at the URL : gallery#1000 ! I love my gallery system ! ^^

Here comes the zip link ! Help yourselves ! ^^
(23 MB, 16 pictures, English)

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Now THAT's what I call some junk in the trunk!!
And she made sure it was clean, how lovely.
I busted all kinds of nuts looking at that ass, all kinds!!!

But moving on to other matters, Oliver
I know this may not be the place to post this
but others already posted on the page
itself and seems like that page hasn't been
looked at in a while, so I didn't know where else to
post and I'm doing it here.
I think that ALL of the links
for Tayu Tayu by the Godly Yamatogawa are dead,
not down but totally dead.

I downloaded the torrent posted a while back
with everything on the site, but on the Yamatogawa
folder there was no Tayu Tayu, I guess it was
on the big Repack zip file, but it's too
large for me to download on my crappy connection.
Any hope you can reupload the links?
If it was any other author or a crappy hentai
I wouldn't care, but this in Yamatogawa's legendary Tayu Tayu!!

New download links for Justice!!!



o.0 :o :S ….. that about says it all.


whats that white thing in his hand?

Oliver AKA The Admin

An evil hentai leech, starving for female juices. I think.


I'm not sure whether this offends me slightly more than all the hentai where lesbians get shown the "true way of heterosexuality," or slightly less. And not knowing that bothers me.


Oliver have you seen the recent translation of "Alice no Takarabako" ?
Mainly the continuation of " Umi To Teiso Zero Oyako" introducing the two sister of the little brunette
spoiler one of them is the blonde of this share
On another topic a spin off 3 angel short blossom as been translated , I don't think you have missed it but if not here it is .
I don't know about you but I found Mizuryu Kei style has been much much better than is usual work in those share , they are fantastic .

Oliver AKA The Admin

Quick stop on my blog during a break. Your comment was in the spam folder – I just restored it :)


Oliver have you seen the recent translation of "Alice no Takarabako" ?
They apear to be a continuation of "Umi To Teiso Zero Oyako" and spoiler alert they future two sister to the petite brunette , one will be familiar to us because she is featured in this share….
While the scenario doesn't especially shine they are really well drawn , a must see I think .
Btw on another topic a spin off 3 angel short has been translated and it's amazing , really , it's "3 ANGELS SHORT Full Blossom #0.8 cafe au lait " .


I'm not gay, but she can convert me anyways!

Thanks for the great share, Oliver


one of my favorite artists ever :D

amazing work as always Oliver-san!!