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Just A Bit Of Dullahan [English], by Maho

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The masturbation opportunities this offers are also glorious

Haaa, threesomes…
How cool.

Having a threesome with a sexy girl’s body, and with her head.

… wait, what ?!?

(And, imagine, the possibilities it offers… HNNNNNG !!!)

Would you be familiar with Dullahans, these mythological girls whose head live on, while separated from their body ? We meet them occasionally, I’m certain I already shared a manga with a girl like that on hentairules but I can’t find it (grrr), and as for mangas, the last time I saw one was in Durarara.
That theme was full of WTF, and provided comical relief, while offering weird erotical opportunities, I had no choice but to love it, lol, I HAD to share it ^^;;

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Here comes the zip link ! Help yourselves ! ^^
(12 MB, 17 pictures, English)

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translated by: Jellyrobot

Danger Stranger
Danger Stranger

I'm not sure if it was this one you were looking for Oliver, but when I read your post that one was the first thing it came through my mind…

Kensoh Ogawa, Ikebukuro Bust Waist Hip (a Durarara Doujinshi) page 17 and 18

Hope it was this one.


A Dullahan girl is going to be introduced in the next chapter of Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou :)

The manga itself is quite worth a read, as it's a serialization adapted from the little monster girl hentai comics that circulated around quite a bit some time ago!


Whoever made the manga is a little mixed up on what a Dullahan is. A Dullahan is basically a rider who carries their head under one arm rather than it being attached to their neck. Kind of like the Headless Horseman except they didn't lose their head. Being male or female has nothing to do with it. Check it out on Wikipedia if you don't believe me.




It's Hentai…

John Doe
John Doe

do we need that? it's hentai world, everything is possible :D

infernal knights
infernal knights

first time it was posted here about dullahan was probably "living together with (insert the type of monster girl)" such as Naga, harpy, dullahan , arachne , slime , mermaid and a tsundere centaur

who cares
who cares

The only post with a dullahan in it is by Okayado
Called my Life with Monster Girls.



WHOA ….. DAT was TRIPPIN' o.0


love this!!

thank you again Oliver-san!!