Melty Play (“Torokeru Asobi”) [English, 225 pictures] is now UNCENSORED ! :D

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 4 comments
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Good news, fellow hentai lovers, the complete and verrrrrry well drawn Melty Play, by E-Musu Aki, has been fully decensored ! :woot:
Decensoring credits are for Kzjj, thank you VERY MUCH for this ^_^

If you’re unfamiliar with this manga, this is a collection of one-chapter stories, most of them displaying highschool girls, a bit of MILF, and most of it is happy sex with love or mutual liking. Mostly vaginal and oral sex, without complications :)

Melty Play, now Uncensored, is available HERE

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and lol how many times did i've seen this getting reworked :D

this is the article where my first HDD got broken a year and half ago.

in any case thanks for the aweomse work!! love E-Musu Aki! Melty Play is indeed one of my favorite works from him /her ^^


Akiko-san to Issho vol 13 was just released by desudesu…plz upload it….

Oliver AKA The Admin

Will gladly do :)


Hey, Oliver. I know this is unrelated to hentai, but you have posted Japanese live-action porn before. I don't know what your opinion is of lactation, but this is the best (and possibly the only even good) example of real lactation porn.
partial stream (so you know what it is like):
ddl part 1:
part 2: