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Itakano [English], by Asuhiro (also known as Handsome Aniki)

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What's wrong with having sex with a 30-year old ? Guys, a real life advice. Teenage girls might be fresh and all, but a woman in her thirties, who has experience and knows what she wants and how to give pleasure, THIS IS THE BEST !!!

A male teenager meets a female teenager in an MMORPG, and they agree to meet IRL and lose their virginity together. So far, just the norm. (By hentai world standards, it would be too easy if that applied to the real world too).
Except that the girl who comes to the rendez-vous is not a teen, she’s an adult, she’s thirty in fact.
Fortunately, the girl is assertive enough, the boy remembers he’s got a pair of balls, and the best that could happen, happens, with a vanilla ending.

Graphically, that was good, the censorship retained genitalia despite mosaics-blurring their insides, the girl looked her age, with glasses (ero-points++) public hair and natural-looking (large, almost falling) breasts, I hope that won’t prevent too many of you from enjoying this share ;)
This was released by Dharumas and Marien, thank you ! :)

For MORE, see The list of Asuhiro / Handsome Aniki’s works on Hentairules!

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Here comes the zip link! Help yourselves! ^^
(13 MB, 22 pictures, English)

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Man, that description slayed me XD. Downloading now, thanks!


cute vanilla, as promised :3
age really doesnt matter in my opinion, and hey, i met my first girlfriend online :D


Lovely. Many thanx Oliver.


You got my name wrong… again!
But hey, my release made it to h-rules, that's something.

Oliver AKA The Admin

Ooops, I'm sorry about that ! I'll edit my post ASAP.

Rather than having you say "my release made it to h-rules", I should say "your great work made it to the community", THAT's the amazing thing, allowing us masses to enjoy quality hentai. Thank you :)

Oliver AKA The Admin

Side note, I just saw the "again" : sorry if I screw up with names T_T
There are names, I just don't manage to write them correctly. Like "Fakku", that I almost always write "Fakky" and then update to the proper "Fakku" ó_ò


handsome aniki really likes his girls with glasses and big boobs huh