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A pleasantly nasty idea, a funny website we would need !

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Hey everyone :)

I had a funny, twisted, malevolent idea for a website, if somebody’s up to the challenge and wants to create it…


As a website visitor, you’re asked
– what country you are from
– if you’re over or below legal majority age
– how many commercial videos you downloaded
– how many commercial audios you downloaded
– how many commercial ebooks you downloaded
– how many commercial games you downloaded
– how many commercial programs you downloaded
– if you dowloaded porn that is illegal in your country of residence (like loli almost everywhere, for instance, or mere porn in some Muslim countries)
– if you downloaded other content (like fonts, designs, etc…)

And the website calculates how much you would suffer if your computer was seized and its disks scanned by the police.
– How expensive your fine would be.
– How many years you’d spend in jail.
– What other non-piracy-related crimes you would have to commit to face the same fine and prison sentence. I’m afraid I’d learn that killing old women to steal their purse is less serious than pirating 10 GB of music.

To this, add social buttons, to compare high scores with your friends.

So, what about this idea I had ? :D
I hope somebody creates it some day ;)

(Side note, more seriously, it also implies that if the cops were to seize our machines, they would be able to send nearly everyone to jail with a badass fine, unless we accept to “cooperate” with them… this is scary.)

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If someone did, and the authorities (NSA, FBI, CIA, WTFever) got a hold of the data from that site… you'd basically be doing their job for them, as they could simply trace the IP address of users and pursue accordingly…

Interesting idea, but if someone does make it, how about no fields to enter what a person may or may not have pirated? IDK, just sounds like bragging about piracy online is tempting fate.


Yeah, lets not do this. The Department of Homeland Security is already taking over piracy and they are now making the claim that piracy is a terrorist attack on the US economy. It is going to get a lot more serious now.

Hell, in the US you can already get more time for piracy than you can murder or rape


I do believe Admiral Ackbar needs to make an appearance here

Danger Stranger
Danger Stranger

I think the first question should give also all the legal information regarding piracy policies in the user's country. In my country, as long as you don't profit with piracy the authorities could care less about it. They been trying to create an open internet law, but US just back fired it and the law was send to the pile of things that it will take another ten years to be looked over again. Therefore, we have no proper way to handle internet piracy, so for the time being all is fine and good as long as it is for personal use.


if the site was up i would post it out of curiosity.
cause i wonder how high the sentence/fine would be for my 1 TB of illegal stuff i have. 2/3 of it being porn related

Alexandrine Library
Alexandrine Library

I am afraid.


i would get life. :)

john smith
john smith

I say, stupid laws


i think i will be sent directly to hell, bypassing the jail…


the government shouldn't be spending taxpayer money to get pirates, make the studios pay. If it is their intellectual property then the only time the government should get involved is in the courts. I would rather see Metalica suing their fans for illegally downloading an album to see if it is worth thirty dollars than some taxpayer run office.

Just Me
Just Me

I did not choose thug life! Thug life chose me