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Rinjin Trouble (“Neighbor Trouble”) [English], by Shimaji

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What’s the word for this, hot pants ? Or simply tight jeans ?
Anyway, the scenario is nonexistent, a hot MILF needs a young man’s help to move furniture and stuff, but of course she’s after something else. Which she receives, proficiently and abundantly.

And the whiteout censorship ? Who cares, the hottest element was the tight jeans ! This is also one of the reasons I cannot absolutely hate the censorship laws in Japan. Sure, banning the censorship of genitalia sucks (why not rather fight the Yakuza or the rampant corruption ? Bah, better focus on complicating masturbation time, the streets will be definitely be safer if there are more mosaics and whiteouts). But on the other hand that forced generations of mangakas to learn how to draw incredibly arousing girls even when they’re fully clothed… how to say it… every body or clothing detail of an ecchi or hentai woman can be arousing and used to fap, isn’t it some sort of miracle ? :D In comparison, with the rare exception of only a handful of artists (the best of them would be Manara, I think), the vast majority of western draw porn focuses far too much on genitalia to draw women correctly :-/
Oh, and thanks to Cgrascal for the release, however much proofreading would have been required !

By Shimaji (circle Shimajiya), I also share Kotori Dream, Fan Kansha Dai Ya Yo, Mushaburi Learning (Let’s Study Penis), PanKore, Change Watashi Ga Mesu Ni Naru Koku, Hatsukoi, Nyan Nyan Idol and Oshiete Nyan Nyan.

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Juicy MILF with a unending libedo. I agree with your call out about Western porn concentrating too much on the act itself as opposed to the people involved.


Another vanilla from Shimaji? Let's hope he/she stays the course.

NTR lover
NTR lover

Actually this isn't Vanilla. If you read the story you will see that this has Adultery and cheating in it.

But even so the art is still good

Oliver AKA The Admin

Yep, not really vanilla. Happy sex with mutual liking, but without the "AWWWWWW" factor…


>Oh, and thanks to Cgrascal for the release, however much proofreading would have been required !

More like “much translation checking is required”, amirite?


The joke about excalibur is here :

Oliver AKA The Admin

YAHAA ! Thank you very much ! :D


BTW, Oliver, check up your mail box =).


Where I come from, we call them 'Perfect Shorts'.