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Blade Play volumes 1-5 [English, 1011 pictures, HILARIOUS], by Aomaru Seta

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Can I join the ranks of the demon purifiers ? Pwease ? :D

While I never got into reading Blade Play in the past despite, I now remember, a few people mentioning it, DeltaOblivion went as far as to gather and repack himself the five volumes, and send me a download link for them. Once again, you have my deepest thanks, Delta Oblivion, you’re helping TONS of people enjoy highly worthy ecchi stuff, thank you ! :jap:

As for Blade Play, this is an HILARIOUS fantasy-based adventure, in which the male hero is “special” : yes, he can purify demons, but only with his dick, his own Holy Blade Of Light ! :twisted: (Fear not, all demons are females.)
The heroic-fantasy scenario runs well till the volume 3, and then it loses all sense of purpose or global direction afterwards, but it’s still funny though. I found myself laughing out loud many times over ^_^

Sometimes, I had rekindlings of Sora No Otoshimono (like the “DO IT !“, on the bottom of vol. 1 page 84), sometimes of Convini-N, and even (when one of the characters was always shown as a caricature) of Dorohedoro. There’s not just one kind of humour…

Seriously, please, try reading it, it is… AWESOME ^____^
And thanks a LOT to The Tsuuyaku and Oppai Scans ! :)

Complete picture galleries :
Vol. 1Vol. 2Vol. 3Vol. 4Vol. 5

Download the Free Hentai Manga Pack in a Zip file
(723 MB, 1011 pictures, English)

(please, is there a chance you can use the depositfiles link ? That will generate a tiny bonus for me, thank you very much if that's possible for you ! :)
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Or you can also use the Alternative :
Zip Mirror #1 – or – Zip Mirror #2

As of usual when the archive is quite big and I have enough time to do it, if it may help, I’m offering you a smaller version, in which I resized the images, here from 2400 and 2600 px, to standard 1600 px resolution, and recompressed them for the two volumes in which the images were 1200 px high. The zip shrank from 723MB to 287 MB. Hey, 436 MB saved, how good is that ? :3
Download links, Zip : Mirror #1 – or – Mirror #2 – or – Mirror #3

Hello! This post is getting on years, so here's a friendly mention... If all the links are dead, you may try using
Pick exclusively a precise file with a keyword search, or bulk leech like a madman, it's quick and easy :)

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If it's possible, could you link to thet and mine's sites?

We're well on our way with Volume 6, so if people want to check up for the updates, you can do so via the above.

Never thought I'd be featured in a post when I started this, brings a tear to my eye.


Oliver AKA The Admin

Sure, I added the hyperlinks :)

Thanks for the releases, without you we'd have missed the chance to enjoy such an hilarious manga ^_^


Many thanx Oliver and DeltaOblivion.


I hate to do this, but unless you re-upload with credits pages included in the download links, I'm going to have to ask you take down this post.

Myself and thet worked extremely hard on these volumes and considering the fact that many people will be copying and posting these links onto other sites (without the credits due to thet and me), we're getting fucked over.

It's a common curtsey to leave in credits pages if you going to be hosting someone else's work on your own site as well as links to the sites where the original work can be found, and I find it insulting that none of that can be found.

Please fix the above or get rid of the links.


I'm aware the credits are there, I did and do apologise for Bob's mistake.

I'm not happy that we weren't asked nor that links aren't not up for each of our sites though.


i'm pretty sure Oliver missed out on that cause he didn't thought you wanted it linked.


Oliver never contacted me nor was I made aware of any of this.

The new site is still in the progress of being finished, so I haven't added anything about mirroring my releases, still, if he didn't contact me at all, I don't see how to can think anything about what I want.

If the info isn't there, at least contact me to ask, it's all I ask people to do.

(Admittedly Bob got angry and he is sorry for his reaction, but our questions still stand, why weren't we contacted about this and why is our sight not linked and in plain view.)

Oliver AKA The Admin

Er, first thing, no worries, I'm not in drama mode. The internet makes drama mode so much easy, but I usually stay cool, and it's the case now.

I uploaded the files as I was provided them, by a kind helper, who himself collected them from the internet, honestly I have no idea where he took them, but I trust him to NEVER remove credits pictures.

Would you like me to reupload a version with more credits pictures/files ? If yes, sure, that would be no problem. Tell me what pictures or files and I'll add them :)


All good mate, Bob calmed down after I pointed out credits were there, he didn't know most of the credit pages are at the end with your mirrors.

He took it the wrong way, since we had no idea a huge ass mirror like this was going on and we weren't contacted about it.

Links seem to be up so everything seems cool with me and Bob, and again he apologises for the out burst, I had a good laugh at his expense,since I've been visiting for years now and you usually include credits and links, so I figured it was a mistake on his part.

Once the scripts are back from thet I'll be releasing 6 as a whole, feel free to post as you like.

(if you'd like to mirror maken-ki go ahead, just drop me a line when you are, I think this is what set him off, that no-one contacted us about it)


I Read the comments and I swear I would never either remove nor delete the credits from your works. To me, the credits pages are as sacred as the manga itself, when I downloaded volumes 1 through 4, none of them had credits. If I had known you thrown a V2 download with credits, I would have download it all over again. I might be a Perverted-Cat-In-Heat, but I'm a man of honour. Once again I apologize for it in all its entirety.


Vol 2 and 3 were thets work via mag scans, I did 1 then 4 and thet and me colabed for 5 and now 6 with my tank scans so i dunno if he put credit pages on em. Dont worry bout it mate, our fuck up.

Oliver AKA The Admin

If you guys like, when you finish the volume 6, I can, instead of offering zip links, simply post an announcement with a link to your site ?
As long as you offer actual download links (I beg you, please, not only "come xdcc-thingy it from our IRC or too bad if you don't know how it works !" as I've seen a decade ago, before readers like onemanga or batoto were popular ^^), hey, why not :)


Thank you Oliver, The Tsuuyaku, Oppai Scans, and DeathsUncleBob .

Vol.5 appears to be missing pages 173-174 (in original manga page sequencing)



In regards to Oliver & Vol 6.

Both would work, as in you can feel free to link over to the site and re-release here with the options for lower res versions, 1600px for example.

Gives people more choice that way.

If I ever figure out how IRC’s work I still won’t use one, dropped a lot of cash for hosting so people will download directly from the site, I hope to get rid of external linking for Maken-Ki! soon and Blade Play is all direct from the site.


I'm almost positive I've seen the anime of this. Still reading and enjoying.

Thanks, Oliver. To paraphrase Queen… HentaiRules, you make the rockin world go round!

Oliver AKA The Admin

Your words go straight to my heart =)


There is no anime, so that's damn near impossible.

Also, not sure why no one (the scanlators above, especially) pointed out that Oliver spelled the mangaka's name wrong…


The anime I saw, pretty sure it was full-on hentai, featured a young fighter that vanquished sexy females with his dick, set in quasi-medieval setting. Not this, but similar. Pretty sure there were a couple monster girls and at least one succubus. I laughed, I cried, I fapped, overall decent anime.


i think you're refering to Brandish?


This is delicious as hell!!

Thanks a bunch as always Oliver-san!!