Kanojo No Pet Jinsei [English], by Hitsuji-1ban-Shibori

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 4 comments
This girl is a dick-loving pet. Almost litterally O_o

What… wait.. What the hell did I just read ?!? O_o

A boy comes home, and is greeted by a woman who plays the role of her pet. Willingly. Kindly. With pleasure. And, of course, that includes her loving having sex with him.
The page 3 tells us there’s more to it, but… WHAT THE FUCK ? Is it mindbreak ? Some weird “OK you’re really weird, but so am I, and look we’ve got a common fetish” kind of agreement ?

Please, if you see an explanation, I’d be TOTALLY interested in reading it…
There are sequels (one, onetwo, onethree), but it seems none of them exist in an available scanned version…
This is frustrating. Please, if you have an explanation, or if you miraculously had scans of the other volumes to shares with the scanlators, speak up :D

And credits are for Blue-Wingz, Riron and Von from Facedesk, thank you ! :jap:

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Here comes the zip link! Help yourselves! ^^
(22 MB, 28 pictures, English)

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Found scans for the second volume: http://www.anime-sharing.com/forum/_-34/_-202366/
These were literally just posted, and I couldn't find the otherones anywhere.

Oliver AKA The Admin

Hey, thanks, Anonymouse ! I copied your comment on facedesk.net, hopefully it will help the scanlators :)


First of all, thanks for sharing this. Definitely an odd one. Second, I just checked and volume 2 is up on E-Hentai/ExHentai galleries as well. I left a message on Facedesk's page about that too. Final thing: Von added the following info to the posting on Facedesk's page:

"It seems quite a bit of speculation on this started up, and some attentive people noticed things we didn’t. Apologies. To help everyone out: The foreword (P7) reads: “The thing loosely attached to the collar is not a chain, but rather a ribbon, as a just-for-kicks pet confinement type of thing.” Page 25, the nameplate page – Left: Uchida, Top: Shino, Bottom: Fumiya. The boy’s name, however, is Suzuki as said on page two. Ponder at will."


The third one is also now translated. This is the same person who did Sensei to Ikenai Koto (http://www.hentairules.net/2013/05/30/sensei-to-ikenai-koto-volumes-1-2-3-english-by-hitsuji-ichiban-shibori/).