Placebo [English], by Eguchi Jaws

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 1 comment
Spats off, here comes the white hole.

Here’s a decent one, in which, regrettably, the whiteout censorship is strong (hence, maybe, the longer pre-sex scenes, setting up a nice mood ?).

But as long as you’ve got either an oil, tanned skin or spats fetish, it should do your day nonetheless.

Thanks a lot to Nandeyanen, Nouz and Patamon, from Flatopia ! :)
Oh, and the story ? A girl who practices running accepts to let her male childhood friend give her a massage, with some special oil he invented. He is the sort of failed inventor who creates things that don’t work, except for this time, he successfully created a massage oil with a relaxing and warming effect, woot ! – Oh wait, yeah, it already existed. Oh well, it worked, the girl gradually became relaxed, aroused, until they had sex :roll:

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10 years ago

the gallery links for this and the SAO doujinshi are swapped