Honban Please (“Sex Please”) [English], by Saitom

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 2 comments
Nothing's as good as creampying your own sister.

I felt disappointed, mostly because of the huge whiteout or white blur censorship, and of the relatively low number of pages with sex.

Honban Please is the story of a brother and sister, he girl mercilessly teases the boy, playing with his cock all the time, driving him mad with desire to have actual sex but only relieving him with her hands (poor kid, eh ?). Until, at last, birthday sex comes, and they become a couple, with a vanilla conclusion. Sort of.

(Well, I wrote “brother and sister”, but I failed to find a confirmation. Maybe it was a childhood friends relation, with affectionate nee-san titles. Anyone would know for sure ?

I guess I should just let you make your own opinion, following this. Enjoy ! And thanks to Zoomout, Freudia, AoC and Anon :)

By Saitom, I also share Houshi No Daishou, Mayonaka Karute, Midsummer Game, Homemaid Girl + Overboard Girlfriend, Hajimete No Kokuhaku, Neighbour Rhapsody, Perfect Girl, Unisis 1 and Unisis 2.

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10 years ago

I liked this one
one of the few types of vanilla i can get behind

8 years ago

A great example of: “BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!” … Lucky Bastard. :p