Onatsuma [English], by Moketa

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 5 comments
A hot wife at work

A hot housewife, only married for two years, feels sexually unsatisfied, because her husband’s job won’t let him woo her, he’s too tired for this.
… Am I starting to make you worried ? :D

Fear not (or sigh in disappointment, to each his own ^^), the husband comes back by surprise, “tadaaaah I got you!”, and he proceeds to giving her what she was needing hard.

So, yeah, it’s happy sex with love, between a married couple, it was cute and all :)
The woman is just a bit plump, with breasts a bit more realistic than of usual, I loved it. Only one negative point to mention, the numerous black censorship bars, they’re bearable, but still get in the way. Also, bonus WTF picture !

Credits are for Taco1942, Palaxius and HayateKBL, from LifeForKaoru, thank you ! :)

By the same artist, I also share Necchuushou Ni Gochuui O, Kimochii Manman No Tsukurikata, Kore Kara kanojo Wa Suki Dakare, O Atsui Hibi (“Sultry Days”), Nee-san No Attaka Senjutsu, Suki Ni Naru Koto, Suteki Na Kanojo, Nemurihime Wa Yume Wo Mitai, Minimum Student Council President, and Scramble Girls 1-3.

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9 years ago

It was nice to see another Husband and Wife story without the NTR shit we see so often. Very sweet indeed.

9 years ago

LOL bonus picture censorship, :p
vanilla flavor,

9 years ago

Hah, the first part of the description had me going "Oh God no, please no." But then it turned out to be loving sex between a married couple. The best kind of relief *cough*

9 years ago

*gasp* oh my…WAHAHAHAAA!!! *gasp*
That bonus picture…I had to read this after that.

9 years ago


Thanks Oliver-san!!!