Ane Bullying [English], by Nagare Ippon

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 10 comments
Tags: happy sex
Isn't family wonderful, when a brother and sister stop fighting ?

For those of you shivering in fear, I’ll say it at once, this is one of those mangas in which Nagare Ippon doesn’t fall into NTR or other scary shit ;)

Simply, we’re shown a sister “bullying” her brother (playing with his penis, making him come without his agreement, not letting him to farer than that), until, at last, the brother grows a pair and jumps his sister. Happy sex with love follows, it seems the sister was only waiting for this.

The drawings are nice, with Nagare Ippon’s idiosyncrasies (quite detailed sex, relatively sagging natural large breasts, small bits of ahegaos), and also – alas – with several black bars of censorship every time, aaargh. Oh well.
For this release, my great thanks are for Covertopboobs and LazarusLP, I’m going to love them like old friends :)

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Oliver AKA The Admin

Inb4 someone writes "hey you know, actually, they're"… For some reasons no alien to what happened to them before, let's bear with hushing ourselves, thank you.

Also, I'm the admin, right ?

Nobody can delete my comment, right ?

FIRST ! – ololol


I have NO idea what you're referring to, Oliver…. O_O


LOL at the first comment.

A Nagare Ippon story that I'm not ready to rage at ? It can happen . . .


Case in point: "Even If We're Not Honest" by same artist/author, posted here on Dec 7, 2013.


A very good one indeed. Masperpiece in my book. But hey, i have a shitbatcrazy fetish so don't expect everyone to agree


Ah, it's so pleasant to see Nagare Ippon when he is not the usual netorare freak… this was very nice, both drawings than gags and the editing and translation look like a bit nostalgic and familiar… ;) thanks to you, to Lazarus H fot this. ;)


Well, this isn't NTR… yet. There can always be a sequel.


No NTR? Aw man and this guy is famous for NTR stores. If there is a squeal to this hopefully there is some NTR to it.


Really guy's!!! It was a great story and it doesn't need any NTR!!! Please Oliver more vanilla and less NTR.