Otchokochoitto (“With A Klutz”) [English], by Akino Sora, has been SERIOUSLY improved !

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on No comments
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Tags: comedy

I'll incest, there is a big improvement

Two images might be better than two hundred words : before / after. A kind person called Bluerdman seems to have reedited, with better scans (of tankoubon source, I imagine ?).

The improvement in terms of image quality is MASSIVE (so many lines, traits, contrasts, shades and details were lost, previously, so many !), the dialogues got a less obstrusive typesetting with minor corrections.
And so, please, once again, enjoy this funny story about accidental blowjob and accidental vaginal sex. Yeah, right :D :lol:

The download and gallery links are on THAT page :)

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