Onegai + Onegai After + Onegai 4-koma [English], by Dorei Jackie

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 5 comments
That. Was. CUTE !

Two childhood friends, girl and boy, entertain a healthy competition, and every time they’re given school grades, the loser must do as the winner says. And, for the first time, the boy wins.

Since we’re with virgins, this isn’t sex at once, the girl is “only” asked to wear a nanobikini. But, fear not, happy sex with love and revelation of mutual love closely follows ! ^^

The story, a mix of straight vanilla, of first-timer naiveté and of very slight tsundere, was pleasant. But maybe more than that, the highly unusual art made it worth reading. The girl is a bit chubby, and depending on the focus on each panel, her body traits are exxagerated : her breasts’ volume, or suppleness, or her pussy, or her hips, or the face of the boy as he is giving a quite decent first cunilingus… That was interesting, really :)

Credits are for many persons, most of them already known : Rinruririn, Psyburn21, HurpDurp, HenAi, Biribiri, MTShoes and Shinigami64. Thank you very much, all of you :jap:
Also, regrettably, we also learn that the artist, Dorei Jackie, also known as Tsunohazu Ichirou for his non-adult publication (Higanbana no Saku Yoru ni), died just four months ago :cry:

By the same artist, I also share Shirisugita Naka.

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10 years ago

I recommended the title be renamed "Oneegai" (as a pun on "sister" and "please"), but no one agreed with me :(

Also, you have it backwards Oliver. The color pages are supposed to be first. Note the comment at the end of them, "Let's go back to 'that time'!"

10 years ago

I salute the fallen soldier. His work will be missed.

… it's probably too soon to make a "death of the author" joke, huh?

Oliver AKA The Admin
10 years ago
Reply to  gka

We're on the internet, joke on :)

Ronaldo Gogoni
Ronaldo Gogoni
10 years ago

He'll be missed, Higanbana is a very good manga. BTW there's another work by Dorei Jackie, it's called Shirisugita Naka.

9 years ago

More cartoony than sexy, still the artist will be missed.

Thanks for the memories.