Kazokunai No Carnival [English], by Momofuki Rio

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 7 comments
Tags: Anal, happy sex
Rio is burning ? No, the sister's ass. *cough*

A highschool boy welcomes his sister back in Japan, after her prolungated stay in Brazil. Incidentally, if you gather all the stereotypes about slutty latinas, that’s what the sister has become.

She performed as a samba dancer, so he’ll have a samba-flavoured virginity loss. First it’s the sister dominating, and then the boy makes his lineage proud. Paizuri, vaginal, anal. And phimosis (psst!).

Personally, I didn’t like it that much, because of the art. The girl’s eyes occasionally went ahegaos, and on numerous occasions her hips were drawn so badly she suddenly looked fat. Will you like it ? ^^
My thanks, for this share, are for Loressan, Fatal1T3 and SuperShanko ! :)

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So she got her hair dyed and turned into a porn star?olo


That was pretty damn hot, awesome share Oliver Thanks!

And you know, I wish there were actually latinas like that but alas, they only exist on the hentai.


Oliver, out of curiosity, did you write Brasil on purpose (as it is written in portuguese) or you just unintentionally mixed Brésil with Brazil?

Oliver AKA The Admin

None of that, actually, I wrote it without thinking any harder than that, it spontaneously came out like that. "Lapsus labelli", I guess ^^

now that you mentioned it, I'll edit my post to make it sound like officially proper English, with "Brazil", though.

Alexandrine Library
Alexandrine Library

Considering the great number of dekasegis travelling between Brazil and Japan, I had always wondered why they had never been shown in hentai. Other genres of manga show dekasegis regularly, even including several Portuguese language words and expressions, but I had never seen them in hentai. Brazil is probably the country with the largest number of Japanese descendants out of Japan, and this way it is also the country with the largest number of dekasegis. Also, many Japanese travel yearly to Brazil in order to take part in samba schools (and not "samba carnival"), many of them being awarded as great dancers. And when a hentai story appears, it is poor and nonsense. The fact that the girl is blonde and the boy is typically Nipponese does make sense, considering the great number of mixed families, but the plot (plot?) does not say anything. And reducing a samba dancer to an expert in mooning ready to fuck is the stupidest stereotype possible.

Oliver AKA The Admin

Well, as I wrote, it seems the main idea was to gather every possible stereotype about slutty latinas within the single body of the sister :|


Do you have more from Momofuki Rio ? The artist is great!