Koi Wa Yamai Kara [English], by Ogura Shuuichi

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 4 comments

That girl was hot, but maybe it wasn't from catching a cold.

A boy visits his unfortunate female childhood friend who has a big fever (more accurately : 0.2 celsius above the average temperature of the human body : for Pete’s sake ?!?). And because she uses the hentai version of the Konami cheat code, the boy stays with her. “One thing leading to another”… yeah you got it.

The drawings are adorable, the girl’s got a hourclock figure worth a sight, it’s straight vanilla, so I hope you may enjoy it :D
(Spoiler : and the boy doesn’t catch her cold ! INCREDIBLE !! :shock:)
Thanks a LOT to Jellyrobot and Hihohahi from LifeForKaoru, I’m grateful :)

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9 years ago

WOW!!! Great art work. Even the old "I'm sick" theme works well. But the guy really should get sick that way she can return the favor.

9 years ago
Reply to  JDH

That reads like a variation of the main scenario in "Apron Tutor" by Saida Kazuki – it worked then so it can work now.

9 years ago

@Oliver: remember that moon people have lower body temp than westerners (their average is under 37) and they are quite vulnerable to fever (and can't hold booze).
I'm guessing it comes from the lack of genetic diversity over centuries of closed borders.

37.4 for them is pretty close to 38 for us.

9 years ago

I lol'ed at the Konami Code.

Yes, yes it is true. Oh, SO true. And yet, in high school, I was somehow able to resist its most debilitating effects; drooling like a simpleton and mindless, nonsensical babbling.

Unfortunately, I no longer am acquainted with any who use the FKC. FML.