Ashigami [English, 235 pictures, now in TANK scans and with a new translation], by Magoroku

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 3 comments

I couldn't even get hard to this. Fucking pegging theme.

I can bow to a significant improvement when I see it even if I don’t like the manga.
Compared to the version I shared in october 2013, this new Ashigami
– uses better scans (tank scans, VS magazine scans before), with better levels and higher image resolution (1800 px, VS 1584 before), and with a bit less censorship (not that there was so much censorship to begin with, though). An illustration, the same image, same scene, without any retouching or resizing from me : previous version / new version.
– has a better translation with better editing. Cgrascal did the previous version, I have no idea who made this new version, only that Doujin-Moe (thank you !!) commissioned it.

(And now I’ll just copy my previous description, see ya guys !)
Femdom, going as far as pegging. Ugh, I feel sick.
Personally, I think this manga about women taking control of a school and femdoming the boys sucks big time. But maybe that’s just the unavoidable counterpart to equally fucking lame shits like Mitsunyuu in which women are toyed around and broken by boys as if they were sheer property, and the school becomes a female slave training ground.

I’ll give you that, if you can avoid the strongest femdom scenes and the “please give me a shotgun !” scenes where the boys have pathetically averted eyes and lose all dignity, the drawings are quite good and hardcore, going as far as DP, with a strong focus on foot, nylon and smell fetish.
Well, no use fretting any longer, if you like it, the download links are below.

By this artist, under the names Bakunyu Fullnerson, Magoroku and Kokuryuugan, I also share good and bad stuff, and oddly perhaps, the bad stuff is his tankoubons, while the good stuff, when it is good, is his smaller volumes ^^
Here’s the list: Sensual Scent Proactive Legs (220 pictures), Youkoso Kokujin Koubi Beya E 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Discipline, Now Aging, Paradise, a pack of 2 works (Hebi Ichigo + Secret Job), Sangri-La, One More Time With The Beautiful Sister, Watashi Uranaishi No Oji-san To Saimin Koubi Shichaimasu, Seiken Koutai, Bikou Shoujo, The Common, The Chaste, The Cleanin-Inclined Woman, Suteki Na Oku-san, Joshi Rikujou Koubi volumes 1-1.5-2-3-4, Oh Girl, and Exotic Syndrome.

Open the Complete Pictures Gallery

Here comes the zip link! Help yourselves! ^^
(288 MB, 235 pictures, English)

(please, is there a chance you can use the depositfiles link ? That will generate a tiny bonus for me, thank you very much if that's possible for you ! :)
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Or you can also use the Alternative :
Zip Mirror #1 – or – Zip Mirror #2

As of usual when ✔ the images are in high enough resolution and ✔ the archive is quite big for its number of pictures, and ✔ it offers a significant gain, and ✔ I have enough time to do it, if it may help, I’m offering you a smaller version, in which I resized the images, here from 1800 px to standard 1600 px resolution. The zip shrank from 288 MB to 117 MB.
Personally, I prefer it for reading, it takes less disk space, and it’s the version I used for the preview pics.
Download links, Zip : Mirror #1 – or – Mirror #2 – or – Mirror #3

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I don't usually vote on my own shares, but that one got a 1 star rating from me.


The funny thing is that even though this is ostensibly a story about female dominance, all of the sex is still focused around male fantasies of degrading women. Patriarchy, wheeeee~


Woo Finally it's complete :)

Thanks again as always Oliver-san!!