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Imouto Zettai Ryouiki (Absolute Sister / Stepsister Absolute – I’ve seen both English names) [English, 203 pictures], by Shinobu Tanei

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Those stepsisters were AWESOME ! :D

Stepsisters might be the best of two worlds. The world of incest, with younger girls looking up at the male hero with tender and expectant eyes, calling him onii-san. And the world of self-righteous rejection of incest, since after all, they are not blood related, it’s only because of parents recently remarrying :lol:
And here is a complete manga entirely based on stepsisters, in deep love with their stepbrothers, troubled by the storm of emotions and hormones coming with their highschool age, enjoying good happy sex with love :)

The scenarii never fetch far, but the drawings, YUM ! The girls have cute teen bodies, mostly very well drawn, with eyes looking more asian (slanted) than in most other h-mangas, and the censorship is very faint. Save one DP chapter (2 brothers), this is mostly vaginal sex, with occasional oral bonuses.
I hope reading this manga may please you, I, at least, enjoyed it a lot ! And for this, my great thanks are for Tadanohito, and, of course, all of his very kind donators :jap:
Did I already mention it ? Tadanohito is driven by commissions and he’s got plenty of cool projects, sooooo, maybe you could be interested… :3

By the same artist, I also share Imouto Shojo Gensou (“Little Stepsister Fantasy Virgin”, 198 pictures), Little Sister Love Space (203 pictures), Big Sis Lil Sis Love (205 pictures), Imouto Sabotage, Imouto Juunan Taisou and The Motherly Instincts Of A Step-Sister.

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Here comes the zip link! Help yourselves! ^^
(100 MB, 203 pictures, English)

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This is some delicious work :)

Thanks again as always Oliver-san!


That title isn't very accurate. 'Zettai Ryouiki' refers to the exposed skin between the thighs/kneesocks and the skirt. I think 'Sister Absolute Territory' is more apt.

Oliver AKA The Admin

I discussed the matter with Tadanohito, and this is deeper than that.

I think I can quote Tada on this :
« if you want to get technical about the translation, the Japanese "zettai ryouiki" is more about the area or theme that it covers is entirely and absolutely about stepsisters, so an even more appropriate title would have been something like "Stepsisters Only" or "Restricted Area: Stepsisters Only". (This is only my personal opinion though.) And of course there is the more modern definition of "zettai ryouiki" which you can read about in Wikipedia http://en.wikiped…y%C5%8Diki. As you can see, "zettai" has some odd interpretations, so it's not always an easy term to make sense of sometimes. »


Let it not be said that hentai could never become an intellectual and educational pursuit.


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Hi Oliver.
I think it`s time for another "Oh boy. I love this site so much!"- post.
Apart from the recent flood of full tanks there are lots of things i love about your blog, like

– Folders/files are always neatly named with artist`s name (very important) and in a fashion my old ACDsee can handle (it always screws up the order when there are file names 1-10-100 e.g.)
– direct links to other works of an artist or even complete packs
– your descriptions are always good and make me giggle a lot
– mostly vanilla shares
– the occasional funny pictures (Damn, that evil "I`m going to be a hentai editor later on "- kiddo still haunts me)
– all the work you put in your site and shares (correcting images etc., keeping almost everything available)

I´m sure i missed some stuff but these are the most important things. So thank you and keep up the good work!

P.s. in one of your shares you mentioned Setebos. Now that's a name i haven`t heard in a long time. Always liked his "work"


Oh i forgot to mention the oh so important resized versions…

Jen H
Jen H

Defining incest; if your brother dies and you marry his widow (according to the orthodox old school) that is incest! As you can see, it's pretty hard NOT to commit incest without marrying a complete stranger!
(could explain the older cultures traditions of arranged marriages)
As for accurate definitions of Japanese terms, I personally have found it to be a contextual language more than a literal one, which can be handy in some ways (Inuits have 34 different words for snow – English has 34 different words for [email protected]%king-Thing!!!)
FYI: for those who don't know/care: a contextual language is one in which the words definition is not predetermined but rather dependent on the context within which it is used.
E.G: Hentai (verb) = perverted / Hentai (noun) = pornography.
I hope this has clarified things for the next lot of confused monkeys who read these comments.
Keep it clean, dry and in your pants on the bus.


Delicious work as always!