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Nikushokujoshi (“Carnivorous Girlfriend”) [English], by Momoiro Manjiru

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A cute teen girl is in love with her class’s fatty. She’s a popular fashionable girl, while he, he is just, well himself. He tries to resist her love, to shield her from public disapproval, but, fortunately, she prevails, and engages in sex without asking him his opinion. This is happy sex with love despite the boy’s fears it may be bad for the girl.
I know it’s very hard to emphasize with porn when we don’t like a male character (for instance, in real porn movies, I lose all interest when the male actor is black, simply because the caucasian me can’t identify myself to him and imagine I’m in his place), and yet, that was really quite cute, and loveable :)

Thanks a LOT to Woe90, Palaxius and HayateKBL, from LifeForKaoru ! :jap:

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Part time commie
Part time commie

I really don't like this kind of Hentai either. It feels like it's trying to be deep by showing a "less lickable character" getting a nice girl. But here he just gets the top one without even working for it and he feels pretty absent if not non-existant at all. If anything it feels like an Otaku's wet dream with not…

Wait, i am rambling about a hentai about a fat guy getting laid at 1am, that's pretty pathetic. The last page with the title of the book do leave some stuff to your imagination tough.


Sometimes the shit you say in your post really ticks me off.

Oliver AKA The Admin

What shit ?


All right lets hear it for the fat guy!!! It's about time a big guy gets some action around here. Great one Oliver. Great story and art work. And how about those BOOB's!!!:p


that credits page…


Hentai for you Over Weight lovers IRL!

Oliver AKA The Admin



I've seen this scenario in real life, only the opposite.

A hot guy with a fat and/or non-attractive woman.

When want defies human subjective logic.

Thanks for the post.