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Perfect Girl [English], by Igumox

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Ew... but she liked it. Good going, girl. Rape the rapists !

The heroine is beautiful, cheerful, popular, and naively candid. The male hero hates her, he’s definitely going to rape that bitch, how dare she live the high life when, him, he’s just a creep unable to look popular or make real life friends. He intends to break her.

Serves that bastard right ! :D

Let’s be frank, the art is awful (I’d rather recommend you read that one online – I like my new gallery system – rather than download it to your disk, but, hey, to each his own ^^). Plus, I never loved femdom. But here, this is better, femdom, and not femdom… I can’t explain in just a few words…
This time, RHA FUCK YEAH, it was like seeing female vengeance against all those dipshit conceited male hentai rapists in all those hentai shares for so long I can’t remember :D

My oddly glad thanks are for Red Vodka and Yuki, from XCX Scans ! :jap:
By the same artist, I also share Sempai’s Sweet Archery Glove , Superior Cake and Omocha-kun To Onee-san.

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Here comes the zip link ! Help yourselves ! ^^
(39 MB, 25 pictures, English)

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good one


FYI: There’s a part two to this. Red Vodka still hasn’t translated even after he did the first chapter OVER a year ago.

This has a fun story to go along with it.

I was supposed to be the editor for this (I alluded to it multiple times in my posts), but Red fired me for no reason whatsoever once again about a year ago, so it never got finished (I edited the hell out of this, too D: ) . It evidently took him 365 days to find a replacement because he’s such an asshole.

#scanslationsrsbzn #dramallamas #waahmomredhurtmyfeelingsagain;_;


Part 1 and 2, in Japanese, if anyone curious about what is happening.


i like your intro boss, i'll download it :)


Just to update your list.… is also by him. If you look at the first page at the bottom you can even see his name.

Oliver AKA The Admin


Thanks a lot, justF0rfun :)


No prob, always glad to help.
BTW Igumox is probably the romanization of Igumo Kusu. The U's are sometimes silent in japanese (e.g. desu is pronounced dess). Igumoks would than sound similiar to Igumox.
Just a litte lesson for those interested :)


The cover for Yosugara Sexology (his first tank) romanised his name (井雲くす) as 'Igumox'. His personal website and twitter account also follow that spelling. Might as well follow.


BTW Oliver, almost forgot – all your shares (this one, Sempai’s Sweet Archery Glove, Superior Cake and Omocha-kun To Onee-san) are all part of his second tank ("Boku dake no Yuuyami – Only my Twilight"). In order, chapters 4, 8, 9 and 7).
Perfect Girl 2 mentionned by HurpDurp is chapter 5.