Sister In Law’s Mistake [English], by Yoshida

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 2 comments

How is that position named ? I always forget, RHA !

Oh, hello twin brother of my boyfriend ! You know what, your twin brother asked my hand ! Woot, awesome ! Tonight, we get drunk to celebrate ! Yay !
One misunderstanding later, the drunk twin brother is sleeping with the future bride, and they’re having happy sex and all, with remarkably low censorship levels (although also featuring one of the most pathetic – AKA realistic by real life standards – male ejaculation ^^;;).

Actually, there’s a slight twist to the ending (that greatly alleviated some of the minor anger I gathered at the boy’s attitude), but, about that, I shall not post spoilers.
Release credits are for Yoshida, Avexotsukaai, CellTF (sugoi !) and Amaimono, thank you ! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Kirino Senpai No Kakushiyu, Mirai Kairozu Ni Android + 2 Plus, Ore Ga Jibun Ni Jishin Ga Motenaku Natta No Wa Sore Wa Sore Wa Fukai Riyuu Ga Atte Da Na, Nanaka Shitsuren Strategy, My Blood Sister Is My Waifu, and Sensei And The Secret Club Activity.


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