Near Distance Relationship [English], by Chiba Toshirou, is now UNCENSORED ! :D

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 3 comments
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I called this picture "overflowing-slimy-liquids-plus-5.jpg" : I REGRET NOTHING

Good news, once again, from the decensoring front (I’m always all excited, when I can share a new decensoring with everyone ^^) !
JBRandom has decensored (and it’s been some work !) a sweet vanilla story with weird funny climaxing dialogues, Near Distance Relationship, by Chiba Toshirou ! Thank you VERY much :woot:

And now, Near Distance Relationship is available HERE :D
(side note, I counted, the word “cute”, with its variation “cutie”, has been used 15 pages in that one. Could that be a record ? ^^)

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If every thrust is the sinking of a battleship, then he is a three pump chump. Not much of an endurance guy, is he?

I have a question for English professionals. I know that Americans spell theirs words differently, going for a more phonetic sound, so the u was dropped in a lot of words. Since that harbour was named by the US government, does that mean the official name is Pearl Harbor, no matter what nation the person saying it is from? Or does it change to Harbour as required?

Danger Stranger
Danger Stranger

Thanks for the uncensored share Oliver!
Now for a subject just a bit out of context but still related to Censorship, have you read Nisekoi? (a Shonen Jump magazine manga). Well I know there have been some doujin shares of it in Hentai Rules and I don't know if you read it or not, but my point is, if you do not read it and also have some free time, please look for the chapter 130 of Nisekoi (Red Hawk scans is the group that translate it).
For that matter, you don't need to know the story set up for this chapter, since is a new character introduction chapter and the story arc isn't playing any role on it, but the main point of it is the fact that is full of censorship (such as, the ones we hate, the bearable ones, the useless ones and the @!$% mosaic type that should have never been created). The introduced character was the one placing the censorship in this chapter, and it was really funny to understand how her criteria for placing them worked. I am fully aware that we can't take fictional work and apply it in a real world scenario, but I don't think it is that far from the mark either. It was quite enlightening for my perspective.
Once again if you have the time, please take a look at it and I hope you enjoy as much as I had.

Part time commie
Part time commie

The cure to censored Hentai or [insert high stakes problem solution]