Little Sister X Swimming [English], by Hinotuki Neko

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 1 comment
Tags: MILF

I don't see how a part of the "customer base" in Japan can enjoy stories like that, but, hey, to each his own :[

That story was bad, but more on the pathetic side than the rage-inducing side. It’s about a hottie popular sister who treats her overweight older brother like scum, calling him a pig and abusing him. Instead of telling her to fuck off (and, maybe, start working out), the brother takes advantage of the sister’s incredibly plausible flaw, that she must sleep 24 hours in a row once a week, and that she can’t resist anything that’s done to her during those hours.
So, yeah. Facepalming hard. But, though… dat girl, she had a hot body :roll:

My thanks, for this release, are for Saha and Atlasranga ! :jap:

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9 years ago

That last panel, brother was a pig and idiot. Should be using condoms … *sagely nod*