Yuri Suki Kanojo Ha Yuri Kanojo Ga Dekinai chapter 2 [English], by Maruta

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 1 comment

Take that ! Panties attack !

In the chapter 1, we met a tall, silent girlfriend, addicted to yuri mangas, in love with her super girly and non-virile boyfriend. Today, here comes the sequel, in which we see the boy doing a special gift to this girl, he accepts to take a walk with her while dressed as a girl. Following which, her yuri flame set ablaze, she has sex with the “girl” with whom she took a walk.

Yeah, I know, it sounds a bit twisted presented like that, but, look, I swear, with Maruta drawing it, this doesn’t feel sick at all, it’s most natural, it’s cute and not unpleasant :) There’s a good mood, about non-verbal communication (oh, the faces the girl was doing ! :lol: ), and about making efforts to understand each about, about building bridges toward each other’s unique traits…

Remember, you can get the first part here !
My thanks, for this release, go to Cgrascal :)

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9 years ago

Why, oh why don’t they just make a good yuri manga instead. or make it futa for all I care, but please not…this.

Thanks for the share, though! :D