Ashi Ebi [English], by Brother Pierrot

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 4 comments
Tags: nurse, Tsundere

Why feel fetish for a foot when there are vaginas and anuses ? Some fetishes will always escape my mind's reach.

Brother Pierrot. Huhu, I like the pen name of that mangaka :D
A highschool nurse with a hidden femdom fetish finds the perfect prey, a student in a soon-to-bloom relation with his tsundere female childhood friend. She isn’t going to break them, nah, she is going to (a) spice up their awakening to sex, (b) turn the boy into a total footjob lover and (c) enjoy having sex with the boy while “educating” the girl.

Which means : tons of foot fetish, very light femdom, and sex with a hot teenage blonde girl and a 25-to-30 years old nurse. Not too bad ^^
Graphically, I found this was no great shakes and the censorship was quite strong, but maybe that’s a matter of personal tastes…
Oh well, see for yourselves, and enjoy! if you like it ! Also, thanks to whoever released it ! :)

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9 years ago

Foot fetish <3

9 years ago

You neglected to inform us of the horrific translation job. Otherwise the art was decent :)

9 years ago

Tell me about it! Four translation errors on page ONE! A translation error on almost every page!!!

Not that it matters. The story was fluff, and the art was just OK.

9 years ago

Translation was of Google Translate besting! Much happy verbing of adjective! Sense it is much making, only notly! Soonly it make brain melting! All characters in story are happily pervert of sexly! Too muchly censorshipping!

Other than that, not too bad.