Onacchi [English], by Hiyori Mizuki

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 3 comments
"Girl, do I like look I could stop with you looking like that ?"

Haaa, teenagers in love :)

Do they really need the “boost” of a weird condition in which the girl gets aroused as soon as she touches her boyfriend’s skin ? Do we need her to be the daughter of the highschool’s principal, and have the two lovebirds have sex with only a thin curtain hiding everything from daddy ?
HELL YEAH !! Additional spice like that makes it funnier and better :twisted:

Graphically, the girl’s the natural cutie type, not too slutty, a bit of a classical face, but fair warning the censorship level game me too many opportunities to focus on her face and natural breasts, lets say. It was nice, altogether (the middle was even moving, beautiful and moving, it was a story about accepting and being accepted), so thanks a LOT Rinruririn, Ser Maggot and Team.Comic One for this release ! :jap:

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Here comes the zip link! Help yourselves! ^^
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Maybe there wouldn’t have been as many problems if the father had been THAT MAN – bonus for those who’ll recognize him ^_^

I love his mustache

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9 years ago

Kurihara What did i won? :D

9 years ago
Reply to  @GarettGk

Yes indeed. You're a true assman!

9 years ago

I wish I could have that kind of affect on women when I touched them. The art work was nice and the boobs were even better. I still can't believe the kid kept screwing her when her dad was standing right next to them. That would be a little hard to explain if they would have been caught. And what kind of dad wouldn't look around more when he hears his daughters voice? Only in hentai. :p