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Batsu O Kakugo No Shinken Ren’Ai [English], by Guglielmo

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These are kendo clubs in the hentai world. Legit.

–Update: good news, this post has become an obsolete share, as it is now a chapter inside Shishunki Marudashi :)

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Said it before in similar cases; saying it again, here: THIS … Is … PUNISHMENT? o.0


This is my kind of PUNISHMENT. B)


I need to be punished soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo bad right now:p


It's weird. Maybe I'm getting too sensitive about it, but the boss girl was pretty clearly saying no, that it has to be consensual, and after that random guy stuck it in, she told him to pull out, which he didn't. All the while she's being restrained by the two lovebirds…That looks way too much like rape to me.
Given boss girl's surprise and shock at seeing two people having sex, I assume she's a virgin, which pretty much makes it worse.

The rest is really hot and funny, but that scene rather spoils it for me. =(

Jen H
Jen H

What is it with guys?
If they were spanking her with a ruler or attaching electrodes to her nipples you'd say: 'Oh, fine – it is a torture scene – it's all good – laadeedahdeedah…' But the nanosecond genetalia mash it's all; 'Oooh – ummahh – you can't do that – rape is naughty!'
Sex and Violence have shared a long and tempestuous marriage. I have personally lost count of the number of virgin characters I have written over the years that express first time penetration with the same facial expression as being bayoneted in the stomach!
Even one who is 'mid-age' (35-45yo) reacts to her loss of maiden virtue with a gnashing of teeth!
The part I usually yawn at is where she starts liking the idea of being held down & fucked hard against her will – TOO SOON A-HOLES! – That kind of emergent masochism doesn't come out until months, even YEARS, after the reacting event!
Do it by all means, whatever keeps you Fappy, boys, just pay a little heed to story structure?
I hope this was helpful.