Pure Idol Natsuki’s Secret Mode [English], by Nixinamo Lens

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 2 comments

And so... her disguise, for porn, is a different ribbon, right ?

Natsuki is a young and cute Japanese idol, striving to present a “pure” public image. However, she’s got one tiny problem : as soon as she goes out in the open, she becomes super horny. Usually, the shooting crew simply allows her to fuck a few men, but this time, it’s not enough, she still needs sex.
Fellow hentai lovers, let’s virtually give a high five to the chief of the shooting staff, who had this BRILLIANT idea : let’s disguise Natsuki, give her super slutty clothes, and pretend she’s another girl doing her debut in porn !! :twisted:

The rest is simply very happy groupsex, barely even censored, very hardcore (from oral to DP), and very well drawn :D
Credits are for Saha and Yossarian, thank you very much :)

By the same artist, I also share Nekokino To Ame No Machi and the uncensored version of Cheer Up My Bro.

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9 years ago

It's just me or un the photo http://www.hentairulesfiles.net/_2014/disguised.jpg the vagina is almost where the asshole is suposed to be?

frifre fra
frifre fra
9 years ago